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  • Gasoila All Purpose Water Finding Paste


    Application Guide MSDS Sheet Ideal for E-10 Applications! Fast, reliable way to detect water in fuel storage tanks. Accurately detects phase separation in Ethanol blend applications. For all petroleum fuels including ethanol and methanol blends, diesel, kerosene, #2 oil, JP-4, JP-5 and more. Works in seconds, even in extreme temperature conditions. Paste will turn yellow-green … Read more

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  • Kolor Kut Gasoline Gauging Paste


    Paste is light pink in color and turns red upon contact with gasoline, diesel, naphtha, kerosene, gas oil, crude oil, jet fuels, and other hydrocarbons. A most effective product level indicator.

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  • Kolor Kut M-1 Water Finding Paste


    The Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste is golden brown in color and turns brilliant red upon contact with water. This water finding paste will successfull gauge water content in all petroleum and hydrocarbons as well as sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrocloric ammonia, soap solutions, salt and other chloride solutions. Packaged in 3 oz. tubes only.

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  • Kolor Kut Modified Water Finding Paste


    Paste changes from dark brown to bright red on contact with water. Phase separated alcohol solutions with as little as 6% water will turn the paste yellow.

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  • Sar-gel Water Finding Paste


    Advantages • Easy to apply – no messy jars, no need to mix • No guessing – complete color change from white/pink to deep scarlet • Faster reaction – immediate detection means less time wasted • Easier to see water line – does not run • Fast easy clean-up

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  • Scully WB 100 Water Detector


    Download Spec Sheet The Portable Paste Problem Solver The Scully WB 100G water detector is a battery operated, hand held unit. The unit is comprised of a rugged metal housing with audible alarm and a water detection sensor permanently attached via a two-conductor petroleum resistant cable. The weighted sensor is lowered into the fuel storage … Read more

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