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ARM-4073 Automatic Repressurization Module


Automatic Repressurization Module

  • Extreme Thermal Problems?
  • Long Pipe Run?
  • Flexible Pipe?
  • Exposed Pipe?

Banish Slow Flow!

VmARM-4073 Automatic Repressurization Module eliminates vapor-pocket formation! Dispenser slow flow problems caused by extreme thermal contraction, long pipe runs, and flexible pipe areautomatically compensated for! The ARM-4073 automatically repressurizes lines, preventing false alarms.   

New! Externally mounted bypass switch allows ARM-4073 to be bypassed for annual testing and during (seasonal) periods when repressurization is not needed. 

•  Works with any 99 LD-200 or 99 LD-3000 Vmleak detector

•  All submersibles

•  Compensates for fixed solenoid delays

•  Automatic repressurization at daily start-up

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in