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FFS EF1-230V Hand-Held Welder for UPP Electrofusion Components


At the heart of the electrofusion welding process is the handheld 230 V EF1 electrofusion welder. The robust construction, water and dust-resistant housing, and easy-to-read graphic display of the electrofusion process provides installers with a durable, reliable, and simple means of installation. The handheld EF1 electrofusion welder automatically recognizes a fitting when connected with the welding cable and also checks the ambient temperature using a sensor positioned in the housing and adjusts the energy level to balance with the surrounding environment. It then applies the correct amount of energy necessary to achieve a successful weld. One welder can handle every type of electrofusion welding coupler, fitting, or entry seal and comes complete with welding leads in a lightweight carrying bag.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 9 × 9 in

1" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades, 1.5" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades, 1.75" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades, 2" double wall cutting tool with (5) blades, Replacement handle with (5) replacement blades, blade set tool, and handle screws