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Gasboy Electronic Keytrol (Single Hose)


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Simple to install, convenient to use, and requiring no special communication wiring, the Gasboy Electrical Keytrol provides fulltime, unattended surveillance of your fuel sites, virtually eliminating the costly abuses that can occur from unauthorized fuel usage. Designed to maintain 24-hour fuel management control – this unique system “locks the door” on lost revenues, and “opens the door” to unrealized efficiency and savings.

  • Simple, periodic readings of the position totalizers provide an accurate record of the assigned keyholdersproduct use.
  • The master console can hold up to 50 lock-totalizer positions, while auxiliary 50-position consoles can be easily added to the extent required.
  • Lock-totalizers, which record product usage, are assembled in expandable modules of 5 and 10 for efficient installation.
  • Authorized users – such as individuals, departments, or vehicles – are assigned an uncommon security type key specifically designed to work with the system.
  • Units can be installed with all models of Gasboy mechanical pumps, as well as with Gasboy 25C and 1820RC electric consumer transfer pumps. The unit is also compatible with most other brand pumps, as long as an acceptable pulse output is provided for accurate measurement.
  • Volume delivered is accurately recorded in tenths of a gallon.
Number of Keys

10 KEY, 20 KEY, 30 KEY, 40 KEY, 50 KEY, 60 KEY, 70 KEY, 80 KEY, 90 KEY, 100 KEY

Totalizer Count

Up to 50 Totalizers, Up to 100 Totalizers