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Morrison Bros 1518 Mechanical Tank Top Gauge

Original price was: $608.00.Current price is: $420.25.

The 1518 mechanical tank gauge is designed to mount on top of horizontal and vertical tanks up to 25’ in height and provides a readout in feet and inches.

Standard Features

Viewable up to 25’ in tank height

Easy to read from wide viewing angle

Easy to install and calibrate

Installs through 2” schedule 40 pipe or 2” tank bung

Vapor tight to allow for standard tank pressure testing and sealing up to 5 PSI

Vapor is contained to prevent lens fogging


Construction Details

Body: Cast aluminum

Gears and gear cogs: Acetal

Hardware (including captive screws on front cover): Stainless

Float: Stainless

Cable: Stainless

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in