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Morrison Bros 9095SA 2” Overfill Prevention Valve


The 9095SA series overfill prevention valve is designed to prevent the
overfilling of liquid storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a
pressurized fill.

Features and Details

Direct Fill Installations
• Installs on tank top by threading onto a 2 inch male NPT riser
• Installs inside 2” Morrison Model 516 or 518 tank top spill container

Remote Fill Installations
• Valve has 2” female NPT inlet threads for installation piping to remote fill point
• Field adjustable shutoff range between 2” to 12”
• Full flow until shutoff point
• Designed for fuel not requiring a drop tube
• Integral anti-siphon function

Materials of Construction
• Direct fill adaptor… aluminum (Part A or Part F)
• Body and piston… passivated aluminum
• Upper float rod… stainless steel
• Lower float rod… passivated aluminum
• Float… polypropylene
• Float guard… polypropylene
Operational Criteria
• Minimum 5 PSI flow requirements
• Maximum operating pressure is 100 PSI
• Maximum viscosity of 300 centistokes
• A tight fill connection is required for the valve to operate
• The estimated flow rate is 110 GPM at 10PSI pressure drop. (See flow curve.)

Code Compliance
ULC-S661-10 listed, NFPA 30, 30A, UFC, IFC, PEI/RP 200, PEI/RP 600, and
Florida DEP EQ-858
Fluid Compatibility
Diesel fuel, Biodiesel, and fuel oil

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in
Top Connection

F Male Threaded, A Female Threaded, No Top Connection