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OPW 1-2100C-DEVR Thread-On Spill Container (Cast Iron Base w/ Drain)

Original price was: $693.70.Current price is: $479.53.


  • Easy Installation – Reduces job-site time and installation costs. OPW Thread-On Spill Containers screw directly onto 4″ NPT riser. No external connections to make; adjust the final grade height and support the unit with backfill.
  • Integral Pull-to-Open Drain Valve – Allows high-speed drainage of excess product into the tank. Designed with a convenient self-cleaning seal and removable screen for easier component cleaning.
  • Capacity – Available in a true 5-gallon capacity as well as 15-gallon capacity.
  • Rain-Shedding Cover – Available in either cast aluminum or cast iron, this unique design incorporates a seal in the underside of the cover. The seal seats between two dams on the mounting ring to prevent surface water from entering the spill container.
  • Fuel Compatibility – Designed to accommodate the fuels of the future, including methanol, ethanol and fuels with MTBE additives.
  • Product Identification Tags – Available for both the cover and bucket to positively identify the product contained in the UST with standard API symbols. (See product I.D. tag specification page for more information)
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Ring – The angled ramp design offers superior protection against snow plow and traffic damage, and provides for secure concrete anchoring.
  • Corrugated Bellows – can be adjusted +/- 1 inch for desired grade level.
  • Duratuff® II or Cast Iron Base – Composite Duratuff® II material is lightweight, durable, and conductive. A rugged optional cast iron base is also available.
  • Highway 20 Rated (H20) – All OPW spill containers and manholes exceed the requirements of the Highway 20 rating.
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in