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OPW 70 Series Vertical Check Valve (with Shear Groove)

Original price was: $111.42.Current price is: $77.03.

OPW Vertical Check Valves are installed on suction system fuel lines directly below the inlet to the pump in the dispenser island to maintain prime. The 70 Series Valves feature a built-in shear groove, which helps minimize piping damage if the dispenser is pulled over or dislodged by collision.


  • Low Pressure Drop
  • M-19 Viton Seals – on main poppet for compatibility with methanol-blended fuels and reliable sealing
  • Protective Shear Groove – designed to reduce the possibility of damage to buried piping in the event the dispenser is knocked over
  • Thermal Relief Valve – to reduce pressure build-up in suction pumps. Opens between 25 & 35 PSI (1.7 & 2.4 bar)
  • compatible with 85% Ethanol (E85) or Methanol (M85)

Additional Features (70S Model)

  • Stabilizer Mounting Bosses – three bosses in the lower portion of the valve body allow for rigid mounting to stabilizer bars. Use FlexWorks mounting plate with appropriate stabilizer bar kit.
  • Built-In Air-Test Port – allows air testing of the entire pumping system without breaking the line. Also allows line to be drained from the valve to the tank (assuming there are no other check or foot valves below the 70S).
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