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OPW Discriminating Dispenser STP Sump Sensor

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Discriminating STP Sensor – provides the ability to detect a low and high liquid level and distinguish whether the fluid is water or hydrocarbons. Detection of fuel or water will result in an alarm condition at the console. Detection of a fuel or high water condition is useful to disable STP power to ensure protection of the environment. This feature assures that an alarm is sounded if the cable to the sensor breaks or if the sensor malfunctions.

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IntelliSense™ Technology

Delivers the ability to monitor all areas of the fuel site – tank interstice, piping sumps, STP containment sumps, dispenser sumps / pans and monitoring wells. IntelliSense™ technology allows for interfacing all sensors through a single 3-core cable connection. This proprietary technology is designed so that SiteSentinel®iSite™, Integra 100™ and Integra 500™ tank gauges, regardless of the type or place of installation, will know immediately what type of sensor is connected and the model number and name.

Low Cost of Installation

The SiteSentinel® IntelliSense™ technology enables sensors to be “multi-dropped” together during installation, eliminating a wiring “home-run” for each sensor back to the console in the building.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in