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Required brackets for DWC-V4-1 and DWC-V4-2


One of these brackets is required for use with DWC-V4-1 and DWC-V4-2. Choose one based on locking needs. Required brackets include mounting hardware.

DWC-V4-BS Fits Vista 2 retrofitted with iX Pay™ kits
DWC-V4-BL Fits Vista 3 retrofitted with iX Pay™ kits and original Vista 4 units with printer
in cabinet
DWC-V4-BPID Fits Vista 4 dispensers with printer in door

Why consider upgrading to TuBAR high security locks?


Existing Locks

TuBAR High Security Locks

Key Codes

Common, shared across many industries

Registered Key codes assigned only by CompX Security Products.

Key Control

None – easily duplicated with no restrictions

Replacement keys only available by signature through CompX Security Products. NO key machines commercially available.

Key Blanks

Readily available

Blanks not available


Very low

Virtually impregnable to pulling, punching, drilling and other common physical attacks.

Lock Construction


Hardened steel barrel, composite keyway and dual side bar mechanism assure maximum protection against forced entry.

UL Listing


UL 437

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

Vista 2, Vista 3, Vista 4

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