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  • EXIMO® Waterless Concrete Cleaner


    https://vimeo.com/68414014https://vimeo.com/117183058EXIMO® Waterless Concrete Cleaner cleans oil stains better than pressure washing by working deep into the pores of concrete, restoring its original luster and clean appearance. EXIMO is environmentally safe, uses no water, and reduces “down” time. EXIMO is more than a surface cleaner — the microbes in EXIMO actually break down the hydrocarbon chain … Read more

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  • FORO® Asphalt Cleaner and Hardener


    FORO® is an all-natural asphalt cleaner, hardener and protector that combines bioremediation, absorption and active ingredients to prevent asphalt damage and improve the appearance and useful life of parking lots and driveways. Regular use of FORO provides protection from oil and fuel drips that can soften asphalt within hours, all without the use of dangerous chemicals. … Read more

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  • FRIGO® Winter Additive


    FRIGO® Winter AdditiveCAF FRIGO Winter Additive is used with ORUS® TABS and ORUS® Ultra squeegee bucket solution as the necessary complement to extend the effective temperature range for below freezing conditions. FRIGO is a methanol-based solution that prevents freezing to -40°F. FRIGO can also be mixed with OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaner to keep your cleaning solution from … Read more

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  • Killem Fuel Biocide (16 oz)


    Killem is an EPA registered product to be used as a biocide for the control of bacteria and fungi growths in oils and refined fuels. Killem will control microorganisms in fuel oil storage tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined oils. Killem will reduce tank corrosion, slime mats, odors, fuel oil filter deposits … Read more

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  • ORUS® Concentrate Glass Cleaner


    CAF ORUS® Squeegee Bucket Solution is an effective and low cost glass cleaner for your squeegee buckets. ORUS eliminates odor and slime in squeegee buckets, is phosphate free, and dissolves quickly. ORUS is formulated with the highest quality cleaners to remove dirt, grime, salts, and other damaging particles from glass, providing users with the highest quality … Read more

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  • OTIS Multi-Surface Cleaner


    OTISis an all-purpose heavy duty cleaner that saves time and effort because it requires no scrubbing. Simply spray on—and rinse off. OTIS comes in a super concentrated powder, and each unit makes over 70 x 32 oz. applications. This makes OTIS a cost-effective multipurpose cleaner that you can use to keep even the dirtiest surfaces … Read more

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  • PROTERO® Metal Polish


    PROTERO®is a safe, non-aerosol polish designed for heavy duty polishing of stainless steel, painted metal, aluminum, hard plastics, and more. PROTERO is tough enough to polish outdoor gas station equipment yet gentle enough to use in your back kitchen. PROTERO removes everything from finger prints, smoke film, scuffs, dirt and grime. A little PROTERO goes … Read more

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  • REACT™ Fuel Spill Neutralizer


    REACT™ Fuel Spill Neutralizer renders fuels nonflammable through a revolutionary formula of eco-friendly, all-natural surfactants. REACT allows users to treat small spills without absorbents, eliminating the need to dispose of hazardous waste. The REACT formula enhances traction on surfaces where spills are present, reducing slip and fall injuries. The concentrated liquid formula bioremediates contaminants on site … Read more

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  • SPRAY&GO® Moss, Mold, Mildew & Algae Stain Remover


    SPRAY&GO® Stain Remover – Easily cleans stains from most surfaces. Just spray on, let dry and you’re done – without any rinsing or scrubbing. Just thoroughly wet the dry surface with SPRAY&GO and then forget about it. The elements (wind and rain, etc.) will slowly wash off the stain. With SPRAY&GO, surfaces requires no pressure washing, scrubbing … Read more

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