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Veeder Root 12” Mag Sump Sensor


Mag Sump Sensor

Quickly and accurately detect the presence and the amount of water and/or fuel in the containment sump or dispenser pan. Using proven magnetostrictive technology to detect hydrocarbons or water, the Mag Sump Sensor produces fast reaction and recovery times, which eliminates costly and unwarranted service calls and sensor replacements. Its high-grade polymer housing provides enhanced corrosion resistance and fuel compatibility.  The Mag Sump Sensor also allows for quick and easy periodic operability testing using the Sump Integrity Testing feature, if required by local agencies.

Continuously Monitor Sumps

Where continuous monitoring of the sensor position is required by law, site owners are immediately notified if the sensor has been moved from its proper position at the bottom of the containment sump or dispenser pan.

Alarm conditions are indicated by an audible alarm and displayed message on the Automatic Tank Gauge console and are recorded as a part of the Alarm History Report.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in
Tank Diameter

64", 96", 120"