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  • Franklin Fueling 3/4″ Chain Wrench


    Hard-to-reach fill adapters are easily removed or installed with the EBW heavy duty chain wrench. It features a 3/4″ drive to reach adapters located below grade level or in other difficult locations. Model Description Application 901-101-01 3/4″ chain wrench Remove and install ​ Download Spec Sheet

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  • Gasket For 633T-8076


    Gasket For 633T-8076 Fill Adaptor

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  • Morrison Bros 305 Tight Fill Adaptor – Top Seal


    Download Spec Sheet Top seal adaptors thread onto underground and aboveground storage tank fill ports and riser pipes where tight fill connections are required. Standard Features Accommodates Morrison most brands of top seal caps  Straight threads with gasket secure Morrison model 419 drop tube onto the riser pipe  4″ available with internal lugs for easy … Read more

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  • OPW 61SA-Tool


    The 61SA-TOOL is a wrench designed to thread on the 61SA Fill and 61VSA Vapor Adaptors. The OPW 61SA-TOOL Adaptor installation tool is required to insure proper installation of OPW rotatable swivel adaptors, thread-on spill containers, fill and vapor adaptors, TC-400 torque cap for pipe nipples and threaded riser adaptors as per EVR requirements. The … Read more

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  • OPW 61SALP Swivel Adaptor


    Download Spec Sheet Pressure decay testing of underground storage tank systems has identified the joint between the tight-fill adaptor and the nipple or tank riser as a persistent leak point. The 61SA Swivel Adaptor mates with 4″ top-seal delivery elbows and features a top section that rotates with hose movement while the bottom section remains securely … Read more

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  • OPW 633T Top-Seal Adaptor


    Download Spec Sheet OPW 633T Top-Seal Adaptors thread onto the fill pipe of underground storage tanks, and are designed to mate with top-seal delivery elbows. Use OPW 634TT, 634TE or 634TTP Top-Seal Caps with 633T Adaptors. Tight-Fill Top-Seal Adaptors are installed in spill containment manholes on the fill riser pipe from an underground fuel storage … Read more

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  • OPW 633TC Tight-Fill Top-Seal Coaxial Adaptor


    OPW coaxial vapor recovery fittings provide an easy, inexpensive means to convert existing conventional 4″ underground storage tank fill pipes to coaxial vapor recovery installations when Stage I Vapor Recovery is required. Normally, little or no digging or  breaking of concrete is necessary. Simply remove existing tight-fill adaptor and drop tube (if installation is so equipped), and insert an OPW 61TC Coaxial Drop Tube and the 633TC Adaptor. The OPW 633TC Adaptor is designed to mate with a coaxial delivery elbow

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  • Universal Valve Model 724-7W Fill Adapter Wrench


    Download Spec Sheet Used where a wrench is needed to secure or remove a  fill adapter. The 724-7W removes and installs fill adapters.

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