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  • APT Fiberglass Seam Kit


    Fiberglass seam kits include everything you need to complete a fiberglass containment sump installation. These kits are for use with all APT® brand fiberglass turbine sumps as well as EBW® brand fiberglass multiport sumps.

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  • APT XP Double Wall Cutting Tool


    The range of APT™ Double Wall Cutting Tools simplify secondary jacket removal without causing damage to the primary pipe. Exclusively for use with APT™ brand XP pipe – one tool per pipe diameter provides accurate secondary jacket removal for proper installation.

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  • FFS EF1-110V-A Case-Mounted Welder for UPP Electrofusion Components


    The EF1 UPP electrofusion unit from Franklin Fueling Systems works with all UPP electrofusion fittings and products. UPP welders feature state-of-the-art electronics which allow for a more compact, user-friendly design.

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  • FFS EF1-230V Hand-Held Welder for UPP Electrofusion Components


    At the heart of the electrofusion welding process is the handheld 230 V EF1 electrofusion welder. The robust construction, water and dust-resistant housing, and easy-to-read graphic display of the electrofusion process provides installers with a durable, reliable, and simple means of installation. The handheld EF1 electrofusion welder automatically recognizes a fitting when connected with the welding cable and also checks the ambient temperature using a sensor positioned in the housing and adjusts the energy level to balance with the surrounding environment. It then applies the correct amount of energy necessary to achieve a successful weld. One welder can handle every type of electrofusion welding coupler, fitting, or entry seal and comes complete with welding leads in a lightweight carrying bag.

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